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East Africa

Achieving sustainable peace by addressing the roots of conflict and adapting to ever-evolving circumstances

Climate change and violent extremism play a central role in inhibiting development and stability in parts of East Africa, entrenching economic roadblocks, food insecurity, and conflict. Partnerships and collaboration among communities, the private sector, and local government form the foundation to overcome these challenges. 

In East Africa, we build markets, we build trust, and we build community. We work within traditional social structures—not against or around them—to solve concrete problems that impact lives. Our programs have facilitated breakthrough progress in business sector development, fisheries management, and collaborative governance. To achieve these ends, we: 

  • Establish OEF’s credibility with research and science
  • Partner with diverse stakeholders
  • Employ a participatory approach /li>


Brokered investments in 20 Somali towns and villages 

Increased the revenue of fishing products by 83% 

Approved $12,000,000 in loans to small businesses




OEF has maintained a respected and collaborative presence in the Somali region since 2010. Our programs have supported Somalis in attaining sustainable peace and prosperity through an adaptive process that puts communities at the center of conflict resolution and acknowledges the profound interdependence between development and security. 

Shuraako: 2012-present 

Shuraako—meaning “partnership” in Somali—connects investors with promising Somali-based businesses to encourage economic development and stability throughout the country. Shuraako’s work drives economic development, expands local markets for goods and services, creates jobs, and encourages investment and trade. 

Secure Fisheries: 2015-present 

OEF's Secure Fisheries program is dedicated to promoting peaceful and sustainable fisheries as a source of food security, economic security, and community resilience. We connect fishers, fishing companies, investors, scientists, and government to support the fishing sector while mitigating root causes of armed conflict. 

Xoojinta Guri Lahaanshaha: 2022-present 
Oceans Beyond Piracy: 2010-2018 

Initiated at the height of the Somali piracy crisis, Oceans Beyond Piracy supported a multi-stakeholder response to piracy through mobilizing all affected sectors of the maritime community; developing public-private partnerships that promote long-term solutions at sea and shore; and establishing global and sustainable deterrence based on the rule of law.

Stable Seas: 2016-2021

Stable Seas focused on developing a more comprehensive, and holistic understanding of the interconnected nature of maritime security challenges. In 2021, it became an independent foundation, maintaining its focus on maritime security and continuing to work with stakeholders in the maritime sector around the world.

One Earth Future is an implementing partner specializing in sustainable solutions in fragile and conflict-affected settings. Contact our partnership team to discuss opportunities.

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