Reducing the risk that nuclear weapons are used in response to error, uncertainty, or misdirection using innovation, inclusion, and dialogue

Some issues transcend boundaries and reverberate on an international scale, requiring an expansive and borderless lens. On a global scale, OEF concentrates on the roles that existential threats and diplomacy and dialogue play in humanity’s common challenges.

In a time of escalating conflict and international tensions, there is a risk that nuclear weapons could be deployed as a result of uncertainty, misdirection—or even error. Effective peacebuilding requires understanding and addressing all of the pressures that lead to violence or prevent peace. To achieve this, we:

Nuclear Risk Reduction Chart

Our Commitments

Using cutting edge technologies for open source data analysis
Working with professionally and culturally diverse teams of experts and decision makers from all relevant countries.
Making sure that the conflict we are working on is resolved through peaceful diplomatic means where all parties could have substantive conversation about the root-cause of the conflict supported by fact-based analysis

One Earth Future is an implementing partner specializing in sustainable solutions in fragile and conflict-affected settings. Contact our partnership team to discuss opportunities.

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