Latin America

Improving lives and cementing hard-won peace by helping heal the scars of conflict

Colombia began flourishing after the end of a half century of civil war, but the scars of the conflict can still be seen in persistent social distrust and a lack of productivity, particularly in rural areas and the agricultural sector.

Working at the nexus of these issues, OEF enhances the collective capacity of communities most impacted by violence, poverty, and inequity, empowering them to be active agents in their territory’s development and fostering sustainable peace through productive, networked collaboration. In Colombia, we build on our learning-by-doing methodology, working hand-in-hand with communities of ex-combatants, victims of armed conflict, campesinos, ex-coca crop growers, and Venezuelan migrants to co-create and scale strategies for:

  • Collective entrepreneurship
  • Market democratization
  • Sustainable production
  • Social participation in peace negotiations
  • 1,304 FARC ex-combatants
  • 1,000 migrants
  • and 4,365 campesinos
  • participate in OEF programs

OEF has been active in Latin America since 2015, bolstering the collaborative capabilities of peacebuilding communities in partnership with the government and other key partners. We have been present in 62 municipalities and have benefited 390 grassroots organizations.

PASO Colombia: 2015-Present OEF’s

PASO Colombia program (Paz Sostenible para Colombia, Sustainable Peace for Colombia) works with local communities to identify and develop economic opportunities, spur job growth, strengthen the social fabric of the country, and encourage communities to be accountable for maintaining long-term stability and peace.

Shared Resources: 2017-2019

Shared Resources promoted women’s inclusion and active participation in community engagement, decision-making processes, and leadership roles.

One Earth Future is an implementing partner specializing in sustainable solutions in fragile and conflict-affected settings. Contact our partnership team to discuss opportunities.

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