Sustainable Peace through Collaboration

PASO Colombia mobilizes the local intelligence and resources of remote rural communities, and connects it to national and international institutional knowledge, capital, and markets.

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What We Do

Rural Alternative Schools (ERA)

Rural Alternative Schools (ERAs) are productive and educational collaboration platforms where private, public and community resources are used to promote sustainable rural development.

Voices from the Territory

A project that empowers the voice of cultural and communication collectives building peace in 40 of the municipalities most affected by violence and poverty in Colombia.

Peace Networks

Peace Networks to promote sustainable development through networking in areas affected by decades of conflict.

Contingency Plan to Support Ex-coca Grower Families

One Earth Future’s PASO Colombia program has designed and implemented a Contingency Plan to support families registered in the government’s National Comprehensive Program for the Substitution of Illicit Crops (PNIS).

Migrants: Prosperity and employment

Recognizing the migration problem that the country has faced in recent years, PASO has developed two projects to strengthen productive capacities in collaborative work between Venezuelans and the vulnerable Colombian population.

Women Seeding Peace - Life After Coca

This series presents stories of transformation, sharing the lives of women who have left illicit crops behind to sow a new future of peace in their communities

Research & Reports

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Juan Fernando Lucio, director of PASO, published an article in IntechOpen with his reflections on the reincorporation perspective adopted in the…
Encouraging report of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business reveals “PASO’s Magic” making an in-depth examination of its coca reduction program.


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