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SECURE FISHERIES employs a science-based approach to eliminating unmanaged competition over fisheries resources and reducing fisheries conflict in the Somali region. Our work supports the development of sustainable fisheries in the service of long-term food security, economic security, and community resilience.


We work with Somali fishing communities, government officials, and other stakeholders to develop cooperative management associations that support sustainable fisheries management plans.
We provide marine science education to Somali students, fishing businesses, and communities to raise environmental awareness.
We use GIS, participatory M&E tools, community surveys, and rigorous social-scientific research to understand fisheries conflict and the state of the Somali marine environment.
We center communities through co-designed projects, community-led data collection, and local leadership.


Our Achievements

Somali fisherfolk who are members of our new Co-Management Associations in the Somali region.
Fishing trips whose catch has been measured and recorded by our trained data collectors, contributing to state and national resource management planning.
Somali college students participating in Project Kalluun who have received data collection training and enhanced curriculum on marine science.
Percentage of community-level fisheries conflicts that have been addressed and resolved by Conflict Management Committees in community-based fisheries Co-Management Associations.


Project Badweyn is a tool for understanding connections between Somali coastal activities and resources. Visualizing these connections informs strategies to build economically and ecologically sustainable communities, while avoiding future conflicts. 

Project Badwayn

Secure Fisheries is dedicated to promoting sustainable fisheries across the Somali region as a source of long-term food and economic security. The Somali fishing sector has the potential to provide sustainable coastal livelihoods through employment opportunities that support community resilience.

Somali Fishing Boats

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Secure Fisheries is a source of independent and original research about fisheries in East Africa.

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