About Shuraako

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Shuraako, a program of One Earth Future (OEF), has been operating throughout the Somali region since 2012 with offices in Hargeisa, Garowe, and Mogadishu.

Shuraako, which means “partnership” in Somali, works in conflict-affected areas and underserved small and medium enterprise (SME) markets to develop a more resilient and responsible private sector. We connect entrepreneurs with impact capital to foster economic growth, create jobs, and promote stability and peace.

Our Work

SMEs are the predominant employers in fragile states, and their greatest obstacle to growth is the lack of available capital to invest at the right time. While investment opportunities exist in fragile states, they often go ignored due to perceived risks and weak institutions. By identifying and recommending eligible SMEs, we unveil unique opportunities for investors.

We identify enterprises that add value to the local economy by conducting on-the-ground due diligence and establishing strong relationships—the key to any successful investment. We match these selected entities with capital and manage post-investment responsibilities.

We are innovators. We design and introduce new financial products, such as credit guarantees, to the market; we convene stakeholders through investor- and sector-specific forums and working groups; and we advance market research. Our events encourage collaboration and contribute to the formation of policies that promote responsible private sector growth. We have proven that even in conflict-affected areas, the demand for credit services can be met and scaled.

One Earth Future

OEF is a self-funded, private operating foundation seeking to create a more peaceful world through collaborative, data-driven initiatives. OEF focuses on enhancing maritime cooperation, creating sustainable jobs in fragile economies and research which actively contributes to thought leadership on global issues. As an operating foundation, One Earth Future provides strategic, financial and administrative support allowing its programs to focus deeply on complex problems and to create constructive alternatives to violent conflict.

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